Our Mission.

2022年、BeHappy 英会話スクールは次のステージへ移行します。良質で手頃な価格の英会話教育の提供はもちろん、より平和な社会作りのために2つの新しいプロジェクトをスタートします。

In 2022, BeHappy English School will advance to the next stage.  Not only will we provide you with quality education at a reasonable price, but we will also embark on two new projects to make our communities more peaceful. 

2 new projects from 2022


① Love our Town. 
 ~ 英語を使って愛する地元の力になろう! ~
② Be a Hero. 
 ~ 不登校児や障害を持つ方々は才能のかたまりだ! ~

Our company is very small, but we still want to do something for people living in Hokkaido.  In 2022, we'll launch two projects that are unique to our company.  Please click the black button below for more details.