Be a Hero


"Be a Hero!" ~不登校児や障害を持つ方々は才能のかたまりだ!〜


At the beginning of 2021, a female student committed suicide in Asahikawa.  Some responsible adults concluded that there had been no bullying at school, desperately trying to deny their responsibility. When on earth will this society be able to stop telling this unforgivable lie?  Thinking about what we can do to stop tragedies like that, we've decided to launch a project to give a hand to suffering people like her.
"Be a Hero!" is a name of the project, named after our belief that they are more talented than anyone else.
Traveling around Hokkaido, taking advantage of social media, we'll teach English free of charge for a certain period of time to school students who are missing school and to people with disabilities to help them improve their English skills and their own unique talent. They shouldn't have to suffer from anyone's nonsense words and deeds any longer.  We hope they'll live with hope.  

We'll start the project as soon as the snow on the roads starts to melt in Hokkaido. If you know of anyone who could benefit from our help, please contact us.  It may be difficult, but we will do our very best to help them.
(We can't promise to respond to you right away when our schedule is too tight, but we promise to respond to you as soon as we can.)