Love our Town

BeHappyで培った英語力を実践的に使いたいと感じている学生のためのプロジェクト、それが Love our Town プロジェクト。

For this project, every month we'll give 10,000 yen to our school students who've taken pre-1st grade of English Proficiency Test (20,000 yen for 1st grade students).  We want them to spend the money in their hometowns as they want to, supporting their local economy.  Then, we want them to post pictures of what they've bought on Instagram, explaining the purchases both in English and in Japanese.  They will get the money, buy what they like and contribute to their hometowns with their English skills, so this project must be truly beneficial to them.
(We might annually change how much we give or who we give to, depending on the result of the project.)